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Float Group is a leading software conglomerate that empowers businesses across industries with vertically integrated software solutions

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About Float Group

We are a leading software conglomerate that empowers our clients with innovative solutions. Through our portfolio of subsidiaries, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge software products and services. Each company in our portfolio operates independently, focusing on specialized domains, while benefiting from the collective expertise and resources of Float Group.

Portfolio Highlights

Our subsidiary companies span a wide variety of industries. From the healthcare industry to the legal industry, we are on a mission to turn the mundane into the exciting.

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Float Care specializes in solutions within the healthcare industry and aims to be the leader in healthcare management software. From practice management to patient engagement the software tackles many of the pain points in healthcare and helps close the gaps in the delivery of healthcare. Interoperability and ease-of-use are pillars of the platform

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MyFloatCare was created to not only enhance the connection between patients and their medical providers but also empower them to take charge of their health. The application empowers patients to easily communicate with their healthcare team, access medical information, schedule appointments, receive personalized care, manage their health information and more from the convenience of their mobile devices

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Float Legal specializes in providing comprehensive software solutions for the legal industry. It allows law firms to streamline and optimize their case and medical management processes. The software was designed to simplify the complexities of medical records, billing, and treatment coordination, enabling attorney's to efficiently manage their cases with precision and ease

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Float Labs is Float Group's research and development arm, fostering innovation and nurturing the growth of new ideas. The heart and soul of our ethos "Where Inspiration Meets Innovation", there are always new developments in the pipeline at Float Labs. Divisions borne out of here are given the full support, resources and expertise needed to turn into successful operating arms of Float Group